Digital Advertising for Home Improvement Brands


Modern Business Challenges

We help home improvement brands that historically advertise on traditional mediums reach their full potential in a digital world.

Home improvement brands face growing challenges in today’s competitive marketing environment.

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We provide done-for-you digital marketing solutions for today’s modern business challenges. We take care of developing the strategy, creating new digital media, and managing your campaigns.

We develop digital advertising campaigns from the brand up, which can include:

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Offer Development
  • New Media Production
  • Campaign Management
  • Digital Media Consulting


We Partner With Great Brands

Over the last decade, we’ve had the opportunity to work with great people and extraordinary organizations, many of whom are still clients to this day.


Modern Solutions for Today’s Business Challenges

Facebook remains the top digital advertising platform to help businesses grow online.

Facebook Lead Generation

Let us put Facebook to work for your brand and reach thousands of your ideal customers.

Facebook Product Promotion

Reach thousands of your customers online with a product promotion Facebook campaign.

Facebook Hiring Ads

Attract top talent without using an employment company and control who you target and how many resumes you take in.


Using Facebook Lead Ads to Generate In-Home Estimates

We developed a Facebook Advertising campaign strategy that would help educate consumers and drive home the value of Polar’s products.


Preventing Flooding with Facebook Lead Ads

We developed a campaign for Clean Line to help their customer prevent spring flooding. 


A Little Bit About Us

Company Overview

Exchange Agency is a digital advertising firm that specializes in helping home improvement brands reach homeowners online.
We build, launch, and manage campaigns on modern platforms like Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube to help our clients reach their marketing goals.


Ownership: Privately Owned

Main Offer: Digital Advertising

Founded: 2008

President: Chris Karasewich

Total Employed: 20

Office: Winnipeg, Canada

Our Story

We began our journey in the startup community,  renting one desk in a shared workspace for $50/month. 

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We built websites, offered SEO, social media,  and PPC management. We offered too much, and consequently, under-delivered. 

As we grew, so did Facebook and Google; and then as Instagram came on the scene, Pinterest and Snapchat started making a big splash in advertising too.

We were passionate about online advertising, so we scaled back our service offerings and developed a network of strategic partners to cover the services we no longer provided. 

In 2019, we started narrowing our focus even more. We knew we were good at attracting homeowners to our clients because their campaigns became increasingly profitable. 

In the next five years, we want to be the go-to digital ad agency for home improvement companies across North America. 

Chris Karasewich

President & Founder

Chris is an online advertising expert that is ready to advise you on the best internet marketing solutions to reach your business objectives. 

He’s spent the last ten years building a team of twenty young tech-savvy marketing professionals. Together, they’ve developed profitable client acquisition systems for brands across North America.


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