Building Digital Marketing Solutions For Today’s Modern Brand

We create digital campaigns for contractors, builders, and home improvement brands. 

Our Solutions

Digital Strategy

We build your digital marketing plan outlining the strategy for reaching your online marketing goals

Media Production

We develop  your online assets including media and marketing automation systems

Campaign Management

We manage your campaigns, report on results, and advising your company on the right solutions. 


Using Facebook Lead Ads to Generate In-Home Estimates

We developed a Facebook Advertising campaign strategy that would help educate consumers and drive home the value of Polar’s products.


Preventing Flooding with Facebook Lead Ads

We developed a campaign for Clean Line to help their customer prevent spring flooding.

Chris Karasewich

President & Founder

Chris is a data-driven advertising professional who founded Exchange Agency out of the necessity for a client-focused, digital-first ad agency here in Winnipeg. 

If you would like another set of eyes to review your current digital campaigns or have some general questions about getting your brand online you can book a free Strategy Session conference call with Chris here. 

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