7 Winnipeg Businesses that are making the most of Instagram Geo Tags

Millennials see experiences through the lens of an iPhone camera. If they go to coffee shops, they want nice tables or wood textures to take our coffee photos on. If they go to the hair salon, they want something nice to take a picture in front of with their new do’. If they go to clothing stores, they want to Instagram something cool to let people know they shop there (even if they don’t buy anything).

Geotags and tagged photos of your location on Instagram = free marketing.


Are you taking advantage of it? 


Here are 7 businesses in Winnipeg who have set themselves up to take advantage of Instagram geotags.

The Urban Bakery, 407 Graham Ave.


This phrase vinyled to the floor is simple but genius. Plus it’s a great way to show off your shoes.

Verde Juice Bar, 887 Westminster Ave.


You can’t swing a cat on Tumblr or Pinterest without hitting a photo of a neon sign. Between the wood, the little plants on the ledge against the window, and all that natural light, you’re basically inviting people to take photos. Plus their food is really pretty too.

Sous Sol, 22-222 Osborne St.


The caption is “Come down and take the exact same photo that everyone takes!” Their overall decor of the restaurant is something all in itself, but they have this melted candle wax covered decorative table that is incredibly cool and authentic looking. No wonder everyone takes a photo of it.

Thom Bargen Coffee, 250 Kennedy St.


Ah yes, the classic plant wall/marble table combo. The fun twist is that this living wall was created by Verde Plant Design, which is just down the street from Thom Bargen. Local collabs are the way to go.

Prep Hair, 701 Corydon Ave.


Another plant wall! But this time, this one isn’t a living plant wall. So different, right? Good lighting and a visually appealing backdrop for clients to showcase your service is a good investment, and Prep Hair is the proof.

CF Polo Park


While Cadillac Fairview may not be local, we thought it was worth it to mention that Polo Park never used to do holiday displays like the ones they did this year. They completely decked out their common areas with giant illuminated reindeer. They even had a giant Christmas tree ornament made of lights outside of Forever 21 and Starbucks that you could walk through – extra points for being interactive!

The Common, 1 Forks Market Rd. (inside The Forks Market)


The Forks Market really stepped their game up when they transformed their main hall into The Common. Their unique Manitoba-shaped beer and wine flight boards are perfect for Instagram because they look great in a flat lay (photographed from above). 

Long story short, you know you’re doing it right if someone comments “where is this??” on a photo from your location. Let us know if you want another post with ideas and more details on how to make your location more Instagrammable!



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