Be Future-Proof: Why Having a Mobile-Friendly Website is Critical

In a world where there are now more mobile devices than humans (7.5 billion us to 8 billion them), it’s important to think about how to change your marketing strategies to be future-proof.

What does it mean to be mobile-friendly?

There are two main things to think about when it comes to being mobile-friendly:

  1. Design

When you’re looking at your website from a mobile device you want to make sure that everything you need to see appears on your screen. So that means that you don’t have to scroll sideways to see a full picture or zoom in to read the text.

      2. Speed

This one is pretty straight forward. How long are your pages taking to load? Is everything loading together?

If you want some feedback on what areas of your site still needs work, check out Google’s mobile-friendliness test and see how your site measures up.

Why is it important?

Mobile browsing is the most popular way to browse the internet today. Even your kitchen appliances can come with a mobile device built into them!

When consumers come across websites that aren’t mobile-friendly, they tend to get really frustrated and move on to one that is. Making sure that your site is mobile-friendly is not a matter of choice — your company’s survival depends on it.

Most of you are probably reading this post using a mobile device. If we didn’t take the time to make sure that our pages were mobile-friendly you probably wouldn’t have stayed this long.

You want to make sure that every time a visitor comes across your page they have a positive experience. Leaving a positive, lasting impression by taking this into consideration will strengthen your brand and increase returning visitors.

Statistically speaking…

  • 61% of people won’t stay on a site if they don’t find what they’re looking for.
  • About half of visitors will give up if the page doesn’t load in 3 seconds
  • (this one is killer) Even if a person likes a business, 50% of people will barely use a site if it isn’t mobile-friendly

You want to make sure that your site stays appealing to visitors no matter what platform they’re on.

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