Facebook Advertising Overview

Video Transcription:

Hey Chris here from Exchange I wanted to create a video that gave a quick overview of Facebook advertising and how to use the platform to connect with your consumers and advertise your business online.

I think a lot of people don’t fully understand all the options that are available on Facebook. So I wanted to give you a quick peek into my favorite types of ads, formats and channels that we use here at Exchange Agency and hopefully inspire you to advertise on Facebook as well.

Facebook Marketing Goals

There are three different types of goals in the funnel that you can choose from; awareness, consideration, and conversion. Awareness obviously is when you are trying to get people to know about you, putting your brand out there. Content is typically educational value-based content. That’s what we use this stage for typically.

It gets really fun getting into consideration because you can do things like lead generation. You can start conversations through Messenger; drive traffic to your website that kind of thing.

And then of course conversion is where you’re going to actually try to convert those leads into customers. 


Facebook Channels

Let’s look at all the different channels that you can actually advertise on through Facebook. So Facebook isn’t just Facebook. Facebook is Instagram; it’s Messenger; there are stories; there are marketplaces; all kinds of things so you can see here all the different options that we get to choose from when we’re advertising for our clients.

You can actually now Facebook Stories has become a really hot one lately because of a fullscreen video while people are going through their stories. You can promote your brand on there as well as in-stream videos; messages, and in-article videos among other things. They can even send the user to other apps and websites and things like that which is pretty cool.


Facebook Targeting

I know people probably know that Facebook has over four hundred thousand data points per personal profile, so you can get very specific with your targeting especially if you have a product that interests a specific group of people like parents. You can target parents if you sell child toys or baby toys that kind of thing.

And let’s say we target Winnipeg; as you include and exclude areas you can see on the on the right side that you’re your audience changes. You don’t want to be too broad or too specific depending on what your campaign’s goals are, so you can also drop pins and target specific areas. Facebook shows you exactly how many people you could potentially reach based on your budget and things like that.

But where it gets really fun is actually in the creative so let’s take a look at some different creative options that you can use.

Facebook Creative

One of my favorite things are Facebook Lead Gen Forms. We use Facebook Lead Gen Forms and ads for a lot of our clients. Whether it’s Polar Windows trying to book window estimates; or ADESA Auctions offering free vehicle appraisals.

Once they click into the lead form notice that the consumer’s data is already plugged in, their name and their email address. Facebook has so many data points your customer’s information will already pre-populated in the form and that just makes it so much easier to convert them into leads.

In online advertising, we always talk about how the fewer things that your consumers need to click on the higher conversion rates. So we get a lot of great leads from Facebook at a much lower cost than on other platforms.

You want your social media ads to be interesting. On Instagram, you don’t want to just put out typical advertisements. Create things that you know your customers can engage with or enjoy like animations. 

And we love creating those types of animations for our client’s ads as well.

Also, a really popular channel now is engaging with people through messenger. It’s a lot more of a conversation. It’s less about advertising more of a building those connections but you can actually generate a lot of leads using either connecting directly or using you know chat bonds to connect with clients. 

So. I hope that that kind of expanded your understanding of Facebook advertising and maybe that you’re inspired to launch some ads of how many questions feel free to reach out and I’d be happy to ask them for you. 

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