Spelling & Grammar Are Everything on Social Media. Here’s Why:

I have (unintentionally) developed a reputation around the office as the spelling and grammar queen. I’ve quickly become the spell-checker and proofreader for my coworkers’ emails and proposals, and will even proofread some of my clients’ work from time-to-time.

So, of course, I just HAD to blog about spelling, grammar, and social media.

Small spelling, punctuation or structural mistakes can be a big problem for brands. Sure, everyone makes mistakes (including myself), but when brands put a message out there with errors in it, it reduces the company’s credibility, tarnishes their message, and comes off as unprofessional.

To further prove my point, check out these 11 hilariously embarrassing spelling and grammar errors made by major brands. 

If spelling and grammar isn’t your strong suit, I would recommend downloading a free browser plugin called Grammarly. (https://app.grammarly.com/) This plugin will not only scan your tweets, status updates, and emails for spelling errors, it will also let you know if the structure of your sentence is off. Although it is a lifesaver, I would advise against relying on it to catch all of your errors.

Double-check everything before you hit send, because even computers make mistakes.

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