Engaging an Untapped Audience

ADESA Public Auctions is an industry leader in vehicle remarketing in North America. They provide a market for dealers, institutional customers, and everyday consumers to buy and sell vehicles through auction. ADESA provides a selling service that is unlike anything else available. As a consumer, you can simply drop your vehicle off at their auction house and they do the rest. They clean and inspect your vehicle then run it through three dealer auctions where over 50,000 pre-qualified buyers bid online and live in the lanes. It’s the easiest way to sell your used vehicle and many consumers get a higher offer than expected.


ADESA Winnipeg was looking to ramp up the remarketing of consumer vehicles at their auctions. The general public perception is that ADESA is strictly an auction service for dealers. This may be true for buying vehicles but not for selling. Herein lies the challenge our agency faced—how to educate the public of ADESA’s service offering while increasing consignment leads of consumer vehicles.


Before working with Exchange, ADESA had been working with another agency in Winnipeg. The ads that agency developed weren’t conveying the true value propositions of selling through ADESA’s auction system, and for that reason, only a few leads were being generated through social media and traditional advertising.


One of Exchange’s other automotive clients referred Gregg Maidment to the President of Exchange, Chris Karasewich. The two immediately agreed on the missed opportunities within the vehicle consignment space and talked about how they could better penetrate this market within Manitoba.


Exchange identified the true value propositions that ADESA had to offer and created three new animated videos to make an immediate impact on qualified consignment leads.

3 Animated Video Ads

Jason Video

The “Jason” video had a comedic twist and focused on the benefit of getting more than what you asked for, which is rare when selling a vehicle. At ADESA, however, it can be quite common because dealers bid up the price against each other.

Safety Video

The “Safety” video explained how consumers can sell their vehicle without a safety which, as many know, can cost hundreds of dollars.

3 Easy Steps Video

The “3 Easy Steps” video helped consumers understand how easy it is to sell through the ADESA auction service.

Social Media Management


We chose to advertise primarily through Facebook, as this platform had the largest audience over 40 years of age. We placed ads on both Instagram and Facebook.


Facebook is a great platform to inform followers of an organization’s value propositions, but it’s important to avoid over promoting. We chose to offer value to customers by providing a lot of car tips and hacks and talking about ADESA’s charitable contributions. ADESA helps raise millions of dollars each year by providing auctioneers to over 50 charity events including Variety Children’s Big Top Gala, which raised over $565,000, and the Dream Factory’s Dream Maker Auction, which raised over $525,000.

Trivia Tuesday ContestThe Exchange team wanted to increase organic engagements on Facebook so we decided to launch a weekly Trivia Tuesday contest. Every Tuesday we released a post asking an ADESA specific trivia question and offered a $50 Tim Hortons card to one lucky participant. We used this opportunity to educate ADESA’s audience about their services. To be entered, participants also had to share the post with their friends, which helped spread the contests reach to a much larger network.

Improving Internal Efficiencies

The Exchange team introduced new automation, tracking software, and a CRM tool to help improve customer communications while we worked on scaling lead generation.

Call Tracking

ADESA was using both traditional and digital marketing channels to drive new leads, but there was little tracking available for these sources. We immediately implemented call tracking and attribution modeling so we could better understand where leads were coming from and how current advertising campaigns were performing.

We discovered that Kerry was spending close to 13 minutes on average per phone call explaining the process of consigning a vehicle to new leads. Consumers were often asking the same questions over and over again.


Exchange promoted the videos we created on both Facebook and Instagram and set them up for high conversions, aiming to drive new consignment leads through the website.

Kerry Consignment Video

To better inform new leads of the consignment process, our team filmed an interview with Kerry while he walked us through the consignment process.

Email Automation

We created an email automation within Active Campaign so each time a new lead filled out a form, or if the lead was added to a specific column in the deal pipeline, they were sent a welcome email with Kerry’s Consignment Video explaining the process of how to consign.

Active Campaign CRM

To reduce the number of missed opportunities, we set up and trained Kerry and his staff at ADESA on how to use Active Campaigns pipeline CRM tool. This enabled their team to ensure all leads were accounted for and talked to at each stage of the consignment process.

Website Development & Optimization

When our team took over website maintenance for ADESA, we found that some elements required updating. We, therefore, adjusted the layout of their website’s content and optimized content for conversions.

There were also many retail services available to the public that were not being promoted, so we created several additional service pages to take advantage of the thousands of new website visitors that were visiting the page each month.


The process for ADESA to implement our services was pretty seamless as we had full access to all platforms and marketing channels. There were some challenges getting their employees familiarized with Active Campaign, an analytic software, but they got the hang of it pretty quickly.


Over the first three-month period of working with ADESA Public Auctions Winnipeg, we were able to improve on the following KPIs:

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