Case Study: Preventing Flooding with Facebook Lead Ads


Clean Line is one of Winnipeg’s largest family-run plumbing companies. With a fleet of over 40 vehicles, they’ve been serving Winnipeg residents for 35+ years.

Every year Winnipeg experiences high river waters and many basements flood. Clean Line can help prevent flooding occurring if they’re able to clan the homeowner’s mainline, and ensure back-up valves and sump pumps are running properly.

The Challenge

Clean Line had several services that could help prevent basement flooding but didn’t have am all-in-one offer. Also, they needed a way to connect with customers every year around the same time to educate them on the damage that clogged mainlines can cause if not well-maintained.

Our Solution

A New Offer – $299 Spring Checkup

We worked with Clean Line to develop a new offer, the $299 Spring Checkup. This offer would provide all the necessary services a homeowner required to prevent basement flooding. 


Website Landing Page

To start we designed a new landing page for their website that outlined the offer.

The landing page outlined what the offer included as well as a form to be filled by the client to request an appointment for the in-home service.


Facebook Campaign

We create a series of dynamic Facebook ads to target Clean Line’s potential customers.

We also animated a 3D version of their mascot to help attract consumers with a pattern interrupt within their Facebook news feed.



The results of our client campaigns we keep confidential and the campaign is currently on-going.




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