Empowering Through Permission Marketing

Direct Financial Solutions (DirectFS) is a web based auto financing business providing car loans to people across Canada. DirectFS is a family run organization with a long-standing reputation in the automotive industry.


The automotive finance industry is a highly competitive space. There are many major brands and sub-brands offering financial credit solutions for the general consumer. DirectFS required campaign that built trust with consumers and to grow their lead base.


The management team at DirectFS had never tried advertising on Facebook in the past. To generate leads DirectFS relied on traditional advertising mediums, such as industry magazines, attending conferences for various associations, and mail drops. Although each method had some success they were looking for a more scalable solution.


The Exchange Marketing team decided the best way to build trust and a new lead base was by providing an offer few consumers could refuse, a Free Credit Bureau analysis. This was a great way for DirectFS to initially engage with strangers.  Not only would people receive a ton of value, by being walked through their credit score along with a full explanation of what everything means, but the team at DirectFS could provide additional suggestions of how to improve their credit score. This was a great way to build trust fast with new leads.


Before we could launch the offer we had to build the core marketing pieces for the campaign.

Landing Page

We developed a new landing page within the DirectFS website that provided the benefits of knowing your credit bureau score. We titled the main article, “What creditors won’t tell you and we will.” Within the article we included a call to action button titled “Get my free credit bureau analysis” which brought page visitors down to the bottom of the article where the form was located.

Active Campaign

We connected the form on the landing page to Active Campaign and set up management with a pipeline CRM. When consumers filled out the form, their information is automatically added to the first funnel of the CRM’s database.  As it takes some time to pull and analyze a credit bureau analysis we wanted to ensure Kristin and her staff had enough time to manage new leads, therefore, they are automatically sent a welcome email from Kristin.

The Advertisement

We created a colorful eye-catching Facebook ad that leads directly to the landing page.



We ran this campaign for one month with a mere $300 in ad spend. We were able to get the following results:


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