Building A Function-Forward Website

NHG Properties (NHG) is a new Winnipeg-based property management company. Their services include property management, leasing & marketing, financial management, and property maintenance. NHG is run by former DASH Marketing Agency executive David Bell.


David provided our team with his logo, but no other brand elements had been designed. Knowing the majority of David’s clients would be middle aged, we had to consider the level of functionality and design the website required, if any, and how to create a simple user experience.


We worked closely with David to build a professional website with a mature feel.

You’ll notice our use of a soft blue filter for all of the header images. This portrays a sense of trust with new visitors.


We used icons where necessary to help visitors easily digest the website content.




At the bottom of each page, we placed a call to action to entice potential properties owners to get in touch with NHG.

To review NHG’s website click here.


After multiple revisions and some tweaks to the design, we were able to launch NHG’s new website. Once launched we conducted browser and mobile testing to ensure NHG’s new website not only worked on various internet platforms but also on different devices and screen sizes.


NHG has one of the best looking and functioning websites in the property management industry in Winnipeg. This website is not only easy to navigate, its modern feel is up to date with the latest trends in flat website design. This should ensure that the website remains current for the next 7-10 years.


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