Warming Up Homes With A Cross Channel Strategy

Polar Windows

Polar Windows is a window and door manufacturer located in Winnipeg, Canada. Designed to perform in extreme climates, Polar’s patented window and door technology keeps Canadian homes warm in the winter and cool during the hot summer months.


The Challenge

Polar Windows competes in a mature market coupled with razor-thin margins on their products. Over the last few years, CEO Stephen Segal has made massive strides lowering internal expenses. This has made both his team and the production facility more efficient.

Stephen previously invested in traditional marketing channels such as mail outs, tradeshows, and billboards.  Looking for something new, he came to Exchange for their digital marketing strategies.

Our Solution

To help Polar Windows reach consumers online we developed a cross-platform digital strategy. We planned to educate, build trust, and convert consumers into leads.


Google Ads PPC Management

Google search remains one of the best platforms to find consumers in all stages of the buying cycle. Our Google search strategy covers a wide array of product and phrase match keywords. These ads lead consumers to custom landing pages where they convert into leads.

Google Display Network

To keep Polar Windows top of mind with their consumers we also launched an awareness campaign on Google Display. A series of ads were served to consumers across Google Partner network of websites.

Windows Landing Page Design

To help improve conversions for our search campaign, we developed a custom landing page to attract as many leads as possible. We used custom animation to make it clear that Polar Windows is different from the competition. We highlighted their features and benefits and drove consumers to a custom lead form.


Social Media Advertising

Facebook and its affiliate platforms like Instagram are great platforms to educate consumers and acquire leads. Exchange developed a series of education blogs where consumers could learn how to make their homes more energy efficient. We also utilized Facebooks Lead Gen forms and before/after videos to acquire leads within the platform.



To get Polar Windows’ value proposition in front of the right people we setup custom audiences on Google and Facebook. This would ensure ad spend was used efficiently. To improve conversion tracking we setup call tracking software and used Google Analytics to measure ROAS. We also provided detailed monthly reports on a monthly basis.


Current Situation

Polar Windows has continued its partnership with Exchange Agency to this day. Our team continues to manage their PPC campaigns, develop media, and generate leads.



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