Using Facebook Lead Ads to Generate In-Home Estimates

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Polar Windows is a window and door manufacturer located in Winnipeg, Canada. Designed to perform in extreme climates, Polar Windows’ patented window and door technology keeps Canadian homes warm in the winter and cool during the hot summer months.

The Challenge

The window and door industry is highly competitive with many low-cost window manufacturers entering the market each year.

As Polar Windows sells a premium quality product, low-cost manufacturers are stealing market share by offering big incentives and discounts.

At Exchange Agency, we don’t believe in discounting our client’s brands, so we developed a Facebook Advertising campaign strategy that would help educate consumers and drive home the value of Polar’s products.

Our Solution

Campaign Strategy

Our team developed a multi-level Facebook Advertising Lead-Generation campaign strategy with two main campaigns — the Prospecting Campaign and the Consideration Campaign. 


Prospecting Campaign 

The Prospecting Campaign consisted of educational content, like the video below.

The goal of each campaign was to generate leads for Polar, but more specifically, this campaign, in particular, was developed to help us identify and remark to engaged homeowners.

Below is a video helping homeowners understand signs of window damage:

How do you know if you need new windows? from Exchange Agency on Vimeo.



Consideration Campaign

The Consideration Campaign remarkets to potential customers that have not yet become a lead or requested an in-home estimate.

These ads focused on the benefits of working with Polar Windows.

The One-Stop-Shop video, for example, was made to highlight Polar Windows as an all-in-one solution for homeowners needing new windows.

Since Polar Windows designs, manufactures and installs the windows themselves, the homeowner can be assured that they’ll be taken care of at every step of their purchase without having to worry about outsourcing any portion of the job.

One Stop Shop from Exchange Agency on Vimeo.



Facebook Lead Form

All of the ads were connected to unique Facebook Lead Forms to provide additional information.

These Lead Forms pre-fill. consumers saved Facebook data with their name, email address, and phone number, making it easy for them to submit their free in-home estimate request.

All forms were similar to the one shown below, and all customer data automatically transfers to Polar’s SalesForce account and notifies their sales team.


The results of our client campaigns we keep confidential.

But we can say that Polar receives an annual return on ad spend of five times their investment each year on average.

We’ve been working with Polar Windows for three years now and each spring our results improve. We continue to lower their cost per leads and improve the quality of their leads.



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