Facebook Lead Generation

Let us put Facebook to work for your brand and reach thousands of your ideal customers.


Facebook Product Promotion

Reach thousands of your customers online with a product promotion Facebook campaign.


Facebook Hiring Ads

Attract top talent without using an employment company and control who you target and how many resumes you take in.


Office & Desk Rentals

Working At Home…. Doesn’t Work! Rent an office or desk in a beautiful office in the historic Exchange District in downtown Winnipeg.


Green Screen Rental

Rent our green screen studio for the day and create professional high quality videos for your brand.  

Chris Karasewich

President & Founder

Chris is an online advertising expert that is ready to advise you on the best internet marketing solutions to reach your business objectives. 

He’s spent the last ten years building a team of twenty young tech-savvy marketing professionals. Together, they’ve developed profitable client acquisition systems for brands across North America.