Facebook Hiring Ads

Attract top talent without using an employment company and control who you target and how many resumes you take in. 


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What is a Facebook Hiring Campaign?

In a nutshell, a Facebook Hiring campaign enables your home improvement brand to attract top talent by running ads on Facebook and hyper-targeting people that are best suited to work for your company. 


Why You Should Invest In Facebook Product Promotion


Hit Your Marketing Goals

In order to scale your business, you need the right people working for you. Our Facebook Hiring campaigns ensure you’re keeping the HR department busy with new applicants daily. 

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Get more:

  • Qualified applicants
  • Applicants applying daily
  • Resumes sent from Facebook to your inbox


Target The Right People

Facebook’s precise audience targeting enables our agency to reach people that fit your culture and application requirements. 

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Target applicants based on: 

  • Demographics, age, and gender
  • Industry interests
  • Current income level (U.S. Only)


Quick Market Penetration

Facebook campaigns are the quickest way to get your brand in front of the right people. Once launched, you’ll likely receive applications within the first 24 hours. 

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Campaigns can be set up and delivered to consumers much faster than traditional campaigns. Digital campaigns have many advantages since there is no need to print ads, and can be delivered immediately to the people that matter most – your next best employee.


Your Products Are Promoted Within Facebooks Ecosystem

1. ADS

Good Digital Ads

We set up one or multiple hiring ads based on your needs and available positions. We provide information about the position you’re offering and the applicant’s requirements to apply. 

We want them to “tap” on the add or “click” the “Apply Now” call-to-action button. 

2. LP’S

Facebook Lead Form

When the prospect clicks on the ad, a Facebook form opens up within the app. 

This is is where the applicant can learn additional details about the position you’re offering and complete the application form.


Stay Connected

Once the applicant submits the form, their details are automatically emailed to your HR department.  

We can then keep in contact with the prospect by triggering an email campaign that provides additional information such as when they can expect a call from your business, who is calling them and a company overview among other things.


We Partner With Great Brands

Over the last decade, we’ve had the opportunity to work with great people and extraordinary organizations, many of whom are still clients to this day.


Core Advertising Process

Our five-stage Core Advertising Process effectively builds profitable digital campaigns and reduces inefficiencies.

We Analyze Your Current Setup

To get started we gain access to your media, digital platforms, and analytics. Our team reviews your historical data and reviews your current media assets. 


  • Our team understands the current state of your accounts
  • We look for issues and opportunities in the design of your media
  • Start building campaign benchmarks

We Build Your Plan

Success with digital advertising stems from your plan to connect your most profitable product with its ideal buyer. 


  • Help you identify your ideal buyer and the product you want them to purchase 
  • Outline the campaign strategy to acquire those buyers online
  • Develop initial messaging and offers

We Create Your Ads

Our team will create media and content based on your ideal buyer psychology and purchase “hot buttons”.  This positions you as the ONLY go-to solution and subsequently warms them up to becoming clients/customers. 


  • Create great ads that attract your ideal buyer
  • Format ads for the digital channel where they’ll live
  • Receive your approval for the new ads

We Launch Campaigns In Phases

We set up the campaigns and necessary platforms to make them run. We stagger the launch of each campaign in a specific sequence to ensure we build large enough retargeting audiences. 


  • Software, platforms and integrations setup and tested
  • Campaign launched in sequential order and collecting audience data
  • Integrations monitored and fixed when issues arise

We Improve Campaign Results

We manage your campaigns an continue to optimize them week over week to improve the profitability of the campaign. Digital campaigns require consistent attention to improve results. 


  • Improve lead quality and lower cost
  • Ensure system integrations are operational
  • Look for opportunities in the market


Using Facebook Lead Ads to Generate In-Home Estimates

We developed a Facebook Advertising campaign strategy that would help educate consumers and drive home the value of Polar’s products.


Preventing Flooding with Facebook Lead Ads

We developed a campaign for Clean Line to help their customer prevent spring flooding. 

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