About Us

a people-first agency

Exchange is a digital marketing agency located in the historic Exchange District in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Our chilly winters and hot summers make it an ideal location for creative people to thrive. At Exchange, we focus on building our people and supporting their interests within our agency and abroad.

“Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion.”

       – Brian Chesky, Co-Founder, CEO, Airbnb

Our Values


Businesses don’t pay taxes or feed families, people do. Our defining value is a deep respect for the money we’re managing on your behalf, regardless of the size of your business and advertising budget.

Our performance affects the money you and your team take home at the end of the day, and that’s an awesome responsibility we take very seriously.


As a premier online advertising company, we offer complete transparency in every aspect of our relationship with you.

You and your team will receive access to our online reporting system that provides 24/7 access to your campaigns. And, at the end of each month, you’ll receive a beautiful report direct to your inbox.


We’re the online advertising company with the digital marketing and data analysis expertise, but you know your business a heck of a lot better than we do.

Our experience has taught us that the more we collaborate and involve our clients in our strategic discussions, the better the campaigns we’re developing will ultimately perform.

Our Team

Chris Karasewich smiling at the camera against a white background.

Chris Karasewich


Chris started Exchange in 2015 but has been managing a marketing firm for over five years. He is responsible for the creative direction, which often includes leading team brainstorm sessions, developing marketing campaigns, and ensuring all client work meets agency standards.

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Taq Yoneda smiling at the camera against a white background

Taq Yoneda

Multimedia Designer

Taq is a graphic and web designer hailing from Japan. He has lived in Canada for almost 10 years and is a recent graduate from the International Business Program at Red River College. He joined the Exchange team in July 2016 as a part-time designer.

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Rogan Chahine smiling at the camera against a white background.

Rogan Chahine

Account Manager

Rogan graduated from the Creative Communications program at Red River College in 2017, majoring in advertising.

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Kerri Martens smiling at the camera against a white background

Kerri Martens

Multimedia Designer

Kerri graduated from the Digital Media Design program at Red River College in 2017, majoring in Video. As a multimedia designer, Kerri likes to dip her toes in anything visual—from photography to graphic design, and everything in-between.

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Cam Deamel smiling at the camera against a white background.

Cam Deamel

Creative Assistant

Cam is a recent Creative Communications graduate and Advertising major at Red River College. His skillset has long revolved around writing and design, leading him to his position at Exchange Agency in 2017.

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Rebecca Dahl smiling at the camera against a white background.

Rebecca Dahl

Creative Assistant

Rebecca is a Creative Assistant at Exchange. She is a graduate of Red River College’s joint Creative Communications degree/diploma program.

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