Cam Deamel

Cam Deamel smiling at the camera against a white background.


Cam is a Creative Communications graduate and Advertising major at Red River College. His skillset has long revolved around writing and design, leading him to his position at Exchange Agency in 2017.

Cam’s role as a copywriter is to put words together in a way that is both easy and appealing to read. Think of the job as a jigsaw puzzle, then subtract the comforting edge pieces and add a lot of coffee and screaming. Cam also creates digital content that makes Exchange’s clients look good. He is fascinated with how people think and behave in the advertising world, and he is always trying to learn something new.

Cam finds solace in performing stand-up comedy. This year, he opened for Brent Butt at Laughing Matters, a charity event that raised money for the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba. In March, he released his first major piece of fiction – a novella called Pulp. Cam also enjoys kicking back with a beer and a game of Rocket League.

He strongly believes people create their best work when they’re having the most fun.

If you want to talk to Cam about what Exchange can do for your business, you can reach him through the following contact information:

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