Chris Karasewich

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Chris started Exchange in 2015 but has been managing a marketing firm for over five years. He is responsible for the creative direction, which often includes leading team brainstorm sessions, developing marketing campaigns, and ensuring all client work meets agency standards. He is also responsible for new business development. As Exchange grows, Chris often finds himself out of province working with national clients.

Chris is well educated in both digital and traditional marketing, having received his Bachelor of Commerce Honors degree in 2011 from the University of Manitoba. He spends time each week training his staff on new digital marketing software and channels, and believes training employees each week is integral to the success of an agency.

With the little free time he has, he enjoys working out and playing squash at the Winnipeg Squash Racquet Club and is a member of the Canadian National Bandy Team, who won gold in the World B Finals this year in Sweden. He’s also a big NFL fan and enjoys the odd game of golf when time permits.

If you wish to contact Chris to discuss your business or a partnership opportunities please use the following contact information:
Cell: 204.770.7725
Work: 204.809.4978

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