Kerri Martens

Kerri Martens smiling at the camera against a white background


Kerri graduated from the Digital Media Design program at Red River College in 2017, majoring in Video. She’s been filming weddings since 2014, developing her videography skills along the way. Realizing her passion for motion graphics during her time at Red River College, Kerri now considers it to be her favourite form of video production.

As a multimedia designer, Kerri likes to dip her toes in anything visual—from photography to graphic design, and everything in-between. She’s constantly pushing to evolve her skillset by watching videos on current industry trends and working on various freelance projects.

In her free time, Kerri likes to play volleyball or take her bike for a ride.

And on the best of days, Kerri would be most content sitting in the sun, eating cinnamon buns and watching Brooklyn 99.

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