Rogan Chahine

Rogan Chahine smiling at the camera against a white background.


Rogan graduated from the Creative Communications program at Red River College in 2017, majoring in advertising. He has always had a passion for the creative process, and felt like advertising and copywriting really allowed him to put those skills to the test.

By night (and usually weekend afternoons), Rogan is an affiliated Twitch streamer, playing his favourite video games and providing ridiculous commentary for his viewers. He also plays soccer in the summer months, and sleeps in the winter.

He enjoys a good chicken finger, but don’t get him started about cantaloupes or black olives… just… trust us on that.

Account Manager Overview

May 16, 2019 | By Exchange Agency

Exchange Agency exists to help companies modernize and grow through digital marketing and advertising channels. We’re looking for an outgoing digital marketer to use their refreshing ideas and industry expertise […]

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Spelling & Grammar Are Everything on Social Media. Here’s Why:

January 24, 2017 | By Shelby Olson

I have (unintentionally) developed a reputation around the office as the spelling and grammar queen. I’ve quickly become the spell-checker and proofreader for my coworkers’ emails and proposals, and will […]

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Using Facebook To Increase Registrations

July 12, 2019 | By Exchange Agency

Challenge Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, Costume Gallery makes and sells outfits for dance teams of all ages. When Exchange started with Costume Gallery, they already had a good Google Ad […]

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