Taq Yoneda

Taq Yoneda smiling at the camera against a white background


Taq (Takayuki Yoneda) is a graphic and web designer hailing from Japan. He has lived in Canada for almost 10 years and is a recent graduate from the International Business Program at Red River College. He joined the Exchange team in July 2016 as a part-time designer, later coming on board as a full-time member.

Taq is responsible for making things look good”. Using his skill and knowledge as a freelance designer, he makes sure that our clients stand out in any medium they appear, whether that’s through general graphic design, web design, or animation. Taq is likely responsible for that Facebook ad you couldn’t resist clicking on.

On the side, Taq is also a comic artist and illustrator. He has published three educational comic books in Japan and is currently working on his forth one. He loves drawing, reading, learning new languages, and DTM when he has free time. He also performs live paintings at charity events when he has the chance.

Taq has the condition called synesthesia”, where he feels colours in sounds. So don’t freak out when he tells you your voice sounds orange.


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