Facebook Advertising Overview

Video Transcription: Hey Chris here from Exchange I wanted to create a video that gave a quick overview of Facebook advertising and how to use the platform to connect with […]

Using Facebook To Increase Registrations

Challenge Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, Costume Gallery makes and sells outfits for dance teams of all ages. When Exchange started with Costume Gallery, they already had a good Google Ad […]

Warming Up Homes With A Cross-Channel Digital Strategy

Polar Windows is a window and door manufacturer located in Winnipeg, Canada. Designed to perform in extreme climates, Polar Windows patented window and door technology keeps Canadian homes warm in […]

Attracting Purchasers Through LinkedIn Advertising

Challenge Holliston LLC manufactures coated cloth products and is located in Knoxville, TN. They sell to other manufacturers who turn their products into luxury boxes and passports among other things, […]

Account Manager Overview

Exchange Agency exists to help companies modernize and grow through digital marketing and advertising channels. We’re looking for an outgoing digital marketer to use their refreshing ideas and industry expertise […]

Rebecca Dahl

  Rebecca is an Account Manager at Exchange. She is a graduate of Red River College’s joint Creative Communications degree/diploma program. Rebecca majored in journalism in her university career, and […]

Rogan Chahine

  Rogan graduated from the Creative Communications program at Red River College in 2017, majoring in advertising. He has always had a passion for the creative process, and felt like […]

Kerri Martens

  Kerri graduated from the Digital Media Design program at Red River College in 2017, majoring in Video. She’s been filming weddings since 2014, developing her videography skills along the […]

How to Write a Blog Post

Blogging, or content creation, is a critical piece of any online marketing strategy. Think of your website as the body of a spider (okay, not everyone likes spiders, but stick […]

Help Team ADESA Raise $75,000 for HSC And People Like Jared

Your Donations Impact – Jared During a typical snowmobile ride home from his friend’s one winter evening, Jared was in a horrific accident that left him crawling on his stomach […]

Taq Yoneda

  Taq (Takayuki Yoneda) is a graphic and web designer hailing from Japan. He has lived in Canada for almost 10 years and is a recent graduate from the International […]

Branding to a 5-Star Standard

The Merchant Kitchen serves up a cuisine inspired by travel across 21 cities in 14 countries in Latin America and Asia. Being meters away from the MTS Centre, the downtown […]

Empowering Through Permission Marketing

Direct Financial Solutions (DirectFS) is a web based auto financing business providing car loans to people across Canada. DirectFS is a family run organization with a long-standing reputation in the […]

Chris Karasewich

  Chris started Exchange in 2015 but has been managing a marketing firm for over five years. He is responsible for the creative direction, which often includes leading team brainstorm […]

Cam Deamel

  Cam is a Creative Communications graduate and Advertising major at Red River College. His skillset has long revolved around writing and design, leading him to his position at Exchange […]

Engaging an Untapped Audience

ADESA Public Auctions is an industry leader in vehicle remarketing in North America. They provide a market for dealers, institutional customers, and everyday consumers to buy and sell vehicles through […]

Be Future-Proof: Why Having a Mobile-Friendly Website is Critical

In a world where there are now more mobile devices than humans (7.5 billion us to 8 billion them), it’s important to think about how to change your marketing strategies […]

How To Be Authentic (And Appropriate) on Social Media

I know what you’re thinking: do you really need to write a blog post on being authentic and appropriate? Even though it seems obvious — yes. When authenticity is “fake” […]

Spelling & Grammar Are Everything on Social Media. Here’s Why:

I have (unintentionally) developed a reputation around the office as the spelling and grammar queen. I’ve quickly become the spell-checker and proofreader for my coworkers’ emails and proposals, and will […]

Now Hiring: Creative Intern

Title: Intern Company: Exchange Digital PR Location: 301-321 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba Status: Full-Time, 4-Week Term Company Profile Exchange Digital PR is a Winnipeg-based marketing company focused on building creative […]

7 Winnipeg Businesses that are making the most of Instagram Geo Tags

Millennials see experiences through the lens of an iPhone camera. If they go to coffee shops, they want nice tables or wood textures to take our coffee photos on. If […]

How can your business kickass on social media? Lunch & Learn

There are currently over 2.2 billion people active on social media accounts, but how is your business breaking through the all the noise? This presentation presented by Chris Karasewich from […]

3 Reasons To Attend The North Forge Block Party

North Forge is partnering with MTS and Bell Media to throw a huge street party in celebration of a big announcement. Here’s three reasons why you should attend the big […]